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The hermitage requires the yogi to stay for at least 5 days.

Registration form / 报名表格

Hermitage Regulations 禅 院 守 则

This set of regulations applies to all monks, samaneras, nuns, lay males and lay females (hereinafter refer as yogis) without exception. Any yogis who wishes to stay in this hermitage must accept and comply to the following terms.


  1. This hermitage is designated for and only accept yogis for intensive Samatha & Vipassana meditation retreat. Yogis with other intentions will not be permitted to stay.

    此禅院指定予 ‘止,观’ 禅法密集修行并且只接受到此参加密集禅修的修行者。 除此之外,不被接受。

  2. Yogis are expected to practice at the meditation hall according to the retreat Timetable, unless special permission is granted by the teacher.

    修行者必须按照时间表在禅堂修习禅坐。 (除非得到禅师的特别许可)。

  3. All members of the Sangha are forbidden to accept and / or possess money with them. Any personal requisite fund should be held by their Kapiya.

    本禅院不允许任何僧团成员在禅院内接受或持有金钱在身。 所有个人必需品 款项应交给侍者。

  4. Smoking, listening to radio broadcast, reading newspaper and magazine, using personal notebook and switching on their handphone are strictly prohibited.


  5. Yogis are not allowed to keep food and beverages in the room.


  6. Yogis should refrain from unnecessary talking and discussion at all time. Noble silence is a must during meditation hours.


  7. Yogis should perform hermitage’s chores and hold responsibilities to keep the compound clean.


  8. All yogis should report to the meditation teacher according to schedule. The hermitage does not encourage personal retreat unless permission is granted by the teacher to do so.


  9. Man and woman (including husband and wife) should keep a proper distance to avoid physical contact.


  10. Lay yogis are required to observe the Eight Precepts.


  11. All yogis should be properly attired. (a) Monks should have their robes on in public. (b) No shorts, skirts, sleeveless and revealing clothes for the lay yogis.

    修行者必须穿着朴素得体: (一)僧众应在公众场合披上袈裟。 (二)在家修行者不准穿短裤,短裙,无袖或暴露等衣着。

  12. Yogis should clean all their personal belongings, the cabinet and the room; sun mattress and pillow, wash bed sheet, pillow cover, mosquito net and blanket and put back to their original position before departure. The room key should be returned to the person-in-charge upon leaving.

    离禅院前,修行者应清除所有个人用品,打扫厨柜和房间,晒床单和枕头,蚊帐 及被单。 临走时把钥匙归还给负责人。

  13. Should a yogi not comply with the regulations and / or give rise to any unhappy incident that disturbs the peacefulness of the hermitage, he / she may be requested to leave the hermitage.


Retreat Timetable 禅修时间表
04:00 AM Rising & Walking meditation起身和行禅
05:00 AM Sitting meditation坐禅
06:30 AM Breakfast & Hermitage's chores早餐,禅院义务
08:30 AM Walking meditation行禅
09:30 AM Sitting meditation坐禅
11:30 AM Meal, Clean Dining Hall/Kitchen & Others用餐,清理食堂
01:00 PM Walking meditation行禅
02:00 PM Sitting meditation坐禅
03:00 PM Walking meditation行禅
04:00 PM Sitting meditation坐禅
05:30 PM Meditation Discussion禅修报告
06:30 PM Walking meditation行禅
07:30 PM Sitting meditation坐禅
08:30 PM Chanting (group or personal)诵经

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